Contract Staffing

As a provider of temporary and permanent IT staffing services, AE Talents is aware of the ever-changing staffing needs of our clients. We understand the need for quick response to staffing demands, and we offer the flexibility and capability to take on assignments lasting from a few weeks to several months or years.

What makes us so good at IT staffing is the fact that we believe in building lasting relationships at both ends of the spectrum. We believe in keeping our clients happy by helping them find the talent they need swiftly. And we believe in keeping our consultants happy by placing them with some of the best companies on projects they are passionate about.

Outplacement Services

Our strength lies in the recruitment of qualified candidates that meet your needs in a timely manner. Our business processes are designed around the following principles.

Quality – In sourcing and screening.
Response – We take pride in being able to respond to a client's need in a very short Turn Around Time. We recognize the value of long term relationships with our clients and have various plans formulated specifically for job seekers and employers.
Volume – With a large and well qualified recruiting team, we have the capacity to take on high volume requirements for IT staffing.
Cost – Flexible pricing structure enables us to adapt our operating mechanism to suit what works best for our clients.

Assessment Solutions

We at AE Talents follow an array of parameters set to bring in each and every resource to the customer that brings intelligence and value. All our candidates come to the point after being filtered by a group of people making sure we are hitting the target set by our customers at point zero.

We understand our clients needs, and forecast the taste of our customers to make it a healthy relationship and vice-versa.