Enviro Tech Industrial Products Brown ChillCel Cellulose Pad

We manufacture our own high-density, cross-corrugated ChillCel Cellulose Pad.They''re matched to your cooler for maximum effect. Our ChillCel Cellulose Pad provide the highest cooling efficiency of any Evaporative Medium.On average, ChillCel Cellulose Pad are around 4"-8" thick,which we believe provides optimum efficiency.Other brands may claim that thicker pads provide better cooling. The facts are that only a certain amount of water can evaporate into the air Thicker pads cannot make any more water evaporate unless the pads themselves are quite inefficient to begin with.Thicker pads may require greater power to draw the air through,a larger pump to move the volume of water required and provide an ideal environment for efficiency sapping salt and mineral buildup. In other words, they prob