Ultrasonic Sonicator - Bath Chiller

Ultrasonic Sonicator Bath Chiller Sonicator Bath Chiller: Sonication generates heat which may be detrimental to some applications. This compact and powerful chiller easily automates the cooling process. It keeps samples cool while occupying very little bench space. Controlling temperature by adding ice chips and repeatedly changing the water is no longer necessary. Quick-connect tubing and fittings are used to attach the chiller to the ports on the cup horn and micro plate horn. Simply set the chiller to a desired temperature, from 2-45°C, and cold water will recirculate through the ultrasonic horn reservoir We have emerged as a dependable Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter of Ultrasonic Sonicator Bath Chiller in the global market. The Ultrasonic Sonicator Bath Chiller, offered by us,