Required Skills

server development technical software JSP HTML it SDLC analytics spring Core Java jQuery apache design Javascript Agile Scrum Oracle css3 Ajax

Work Authorization

  • Citizen

Preferred Employment

  • Full Time

Employment Type

  • Direct Hire

education qualification

  • UG :- - Not Required

  • PG :- - Not Required

Other Information

  • No of position :- ( 1 )

  • Post :- 8th Aug 2022


Technical Lead (Experience 2 to 4 Years)

Evolvus Solutions is looking for Technical Lead to guide product innovation in the payment space

Technical Lead (Experience 2 to 4 Years) - Evolvus Evolvus Solutions is looking for Technical Leads to guide product innovation in the payment space

Evolvus Solutions is a leading payment modernization solutions provider with an expanding presence in India, Middle East and the US markets. We are looking for Technical Leads with deep experience in guiding teams to create innovative products in the payments domain.

This is a leadership role and we need seasoned technocrats with

Experience in product design and development

Been involved in design documentation like HLD, USE case, SAD etc.

Prior experience in estimating work and timelines

Ability to prioritize tasks and deliver as per deadlines

Good familiarity with SDLC

Prior experience working in Agile / Scrum is a plus

A team player with excellent managerial acumen and communication skills will be prized

Technical Skills for the Evolvus Tech Lead includes,

Expertise Core JAVA, Spring IOC, Spring security, Spring Batch, Apache Camel AngularJS, Javascript. JQuery, JSP Ajax, HTML 3, CSS3 MSSQL Server and Oracle Stored Procedure, Trigger Academic qualifications: Bachelor s in Computer Science or related field. Master s is a plus.

All positions are based out of Evolvus CoE in Bangalore

Candidates should have a valid passport at the time of on-boarding. He / She should be ready to travel to client locations as per project requirements.

If you fit the bill, upload your resume here

As per Scrum, who should attend the stand-up meetingsProject Manager and Technical Leads only Sponsor and Executive Management only Project Leader and Customer Representatives only Development Team and Scrum Master Agile methodologies think all documentation is a waste of time.

The product owner role in an Agile project ..

Collaborates with the developers over prioritization of features, but the developers have the final decision Collaborates with the developers over prioritization of features, but the business has the final decision Has no control over the prioritization of delivered features Has total control over the prioritization of features A Product Owner

Will always receive lower-quality products than their non-Agile counterparts Will typically get business value delivered early and often Must have a thorough understanding of Agile techniques, for Agile to work Will need to understand the technical aspects of development, to contribute effectively Which of the following are roles in the Scrum frameworkWhich of the following is a characteristic of a ScrumMasterWhich activities of the following are found in the Scrum frameworkSprint planning/review Daily scrum or daily standup All of the above As per Scrum, Which one of the following is an important feature of the daily stand-up (daily Scrum) meetingEveryone is expected to stand for the whole time, to keep the meeting short The meeting must be kept short and well-structured The meeting should ensure that it is clear to all which team members are not performing No-one is allowed to leave the stand-up meeting until all problems raised have been solved What is most important in all Scrum projectsA) Self-organization

B) Clear hierarchies in the company

C) Communication

D) Continuous improvement

A, C, D A, B, C, D The SCRUM team should deliver the following artefact at the end of the Sprint

Increment of the Product Which of the following is NOT a role in the Scrum frameworkWho prioritize the Product BacklogWhat kind of software development projects can be executed by Scrum FrameworkComplex software development The most encouraged time of day to hold a Scrum Daily Meeting is:

A beginning of the day 7:00 PM Immediately after lunch 4:30 PM Who determines when it is appropriate to update the Sprint Backlog during a SprintThe Project Manager The Scrum Team The Development Team The Product Owner Which is the metrics of SCRUMBug measurements chart What should the developers do if the product owner is repeatedly too busy to be availableSend the customer a written warning that the end product will be completed on time, but may not meet their needs Continue the work, record the assumptions and ask the customer later for input Draw the problem to the attention of the ScrumMaster Allow the Business Analyst to take on the role of Proxy Customer Representative Which statement of the following is a best description for sprintA sprint is a condensed amount of time where a development works as many hours as they need to in order to finish the work assigned to them. A sprint is a pre-specified amount of time in which the development team works at sustain pace to complete a chosen set of work. A sprint is a fixed amount of time set aside for team to run tests and fix any outstanding bugs right before the products ships A sprint is a pre-specified period of time during which team members choose individual items from the product backlog to work on. As each item is completed. A new item is brought into the sprint. From the activities given, which is the latest step in sequence of the Scrum frameworkWhich role doesn t exist in scrumHow do we estimate the UserstoriesRandom number estimation Planning poker method Which of the following responsibilities is NOT one of the Scrum Master s

Assigning tasks to team members Reminding the team of the process _____ constitute the Sprint Backlog and are often estimated in hoursWhat is the maximum amount of time that the team should spend in the daily scrum15 minutes, proportionally less for shorter Sprints As long as it takes Which of the following is not a Scrum artifactIncremento de Software Download Case Study

Download Mantle ASBA Brochure

Download Case Study

Download Case Study

Download Case Study

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Ahli Bank of Kuwait data migration to Finacle CBS

Data Integration Practice

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