Required Skills

Publishing Web technologies Coding HTML Technical support Testing

Work Authorization

  • Citizen

Preferred Employment

  • Full Time

Employment Type

  • Direct Hire

education qualification

  • UG :- - Not Required

  • PG :- - Not Required

Other Information

  • No of position :- ( 1 )

  • Post :- 8th Dec 2022


We are looking for an experienced Developer Personnel expected to bear the following responsibilities.

Responsibilities and Duties

1) Code Websites

HTML developers embed document tags in web pages to produce their visual appearance, present images, and allow linking to other web pages.

2) Ensure Cross - Platform Functionality

Websites are accessed with a variety of devices from desktop computers to smartphones and a range of browsers, such as Chrome and Safari. A key task for HTML developers is to ensure that the websites they create are functional with these different platforms.

3) Meet Publication Deadline

Companies and clients have a time frame in which they want to launch and have their website go live. It is the HTML developer s responsibility to complete their project in a timely manner so that this deadline is met.

4) Collaborate with Designers

HTML developers work with website designers to create new websites or update existing ones. The website designer creates the plan for how the site is going to look and function, and the HTML developer takes their plan and brings it to life with the proper coding to give it the aesthetics and functionality requested.

5) Provide Support to Website Users

When issues arise in the use of the website, such as inability to access the site or nonfunctioning links, it is the responsibility of the HTML developer to offer technical support and help resolve the problem.

6) Test Websites

Clients want their customers and other users to able to access and use their website with ease. HTML developers test the site s background code to ensure this happens, checking for

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