Required Skills

Python Engineer

Work Authorization

  • Us Citizen

  • Green Card


  • H1B Work Permit

Preferred Employment

  • Corp-Corp

Employment Type

  • Consulting/Contract

education qualification

  • UG :- - Not Required

  • PG :- - Not Required

Other Information

  • No of position :- ( 1 )

  • Post :- 11th Feb 2022


Must Skills:

·        AWS skills with special focus on IAM, S3, Cloud watch, Lambda

·        Python programming skills

·        Linux scripting skills

·        Java scripting


Basic Qualifications

·        2+ years of design, implementation, or consulting experience in applications or infrastructures?

·        4+ years within specific technology domain areas (e.g. software development, cloud computing, systems engineering, infrastructure, security, networking, data & analytics)

·        Minimum 3 years of technical support and/or systems/solutions engineering, and/or development experience

·        Minimum 3 years of experience with HTML and Javascript.

·        Minimum 3 years experience with Python, Pip, and Virtual Python Environments

·        Minimum 3 years experience with Python Boto3 Library, and AWS APIs

·        Ability to run and debug code through an IDE such as PyCharm or VSCode, with the ability to demonstrate:

·        Setting, stepping over, into, and out of breakpoints

·        Setting and viewing watches

·        Observing and modifying variables in the debugger

·        Usage / benefit of selecting different frames of execution


·        Minimum 3 years of experience with Linux OS

·        Minimum 3 years of experience with shell scripting and shell commands

·        Minimum 3 years of experience with Git

·        Minimum 3 years of TCP/IP background

·        Minimum 3 years of experience with AWS Cloud Services, with intermediate to expert level familiarity with:

o   Lambda

o   S3

o   EC2

o   IAM

o   Sagemaker Ground Truth

o   Amazon A2i

o   CloudWatch Events

o   CloudWatch Logs


Preferred Qualifications

·        Ability to showcase/demo/walk-through existing Python code you’ve written

·        Ability to see opportunities for improvement, take ownership and closely work with development team to drive product improvement.

·        Knowledge of SQL/NoSQL via experience with DBs like MySQL, MongoDB

·        Familiarity with machine learning concepts, specifically the labeling stage

·        Familiarity with Amazon CDK for Python

·        Passion for providing a great customer experience

Company Information