Required Skills

Agile Project Manager

Work Authorization

  • US Citizen

  • Green Card


  • H1B Work Permit

Preferred Employment

  • Corp-Corp

Employment Type

  • Consulting/Contract

education qualification

  • UG :- - Not Required

  • PG :- - Not Required

Other Information

  • No of position :- ( 1 )

  • Post :- 19th May 2022


Agile Project Manager

Cox Enterprises is looking for an experienced lead Lean/Agile practitioner to join our Integrated Business Technology team in Atlanta, GA.  The Agile PM’s primary purpose is to lead scaled agile teams to success and navigate the complexity of delivering value consistently in large and complex environments.  The Agile PM resolves and escalates impediments, manages risk, assures value delivery, and drives program level continuous improvement.  This person has the responsibility of facilitating the formation, learning and growth of multiple cross-functional delivery teams in developing a Lean/Agile mindset, adopting and continuously improving practices in their context, and guiding teams and leaders to enable the effective flow of delivery across the end-to-end value stream. They play a critical link between multiple scrum teams; facilitating communications, opening the flow of information, and sharing important progress updates to ensure all teams involved in that Product area are focused on successful delivery. The Agile PM is accountable for the overall coordination, execution and delivery of value through the program while ensuring alignment with company strategy, commitments and goals.

This role will focus on working inside the Analytics team addressing Intelligent Automation and AI.

Due to current COVID-19 restrictions, this is a temporary work from home role but will ultimately work at the Atlanta headquarters.




o   Oversees small to medium-size groups of teams with complex scope and inter-dependencies.

o   Facilitates the coordinated preparation of release planning for their product area, including cross-team coordination, delivery synchronization, and systems-level inspect & adapt, as well as communication and coordination with stakeholders and customers during feature definition and delivery.

o   Manage change to the monthly plan and the impacts of those changes.

o   Responsible for backlog management as well as agile data integrity for accurate reporting.  This includes the collection of metrics and KPI’s.  Recommend new metrics for the team's context and foster continuous improvement conversations using metrics.

o   Coordinate major feature releases and ongoing delivery of value to customers where multiple teams, or portfolio groups are involved in value delivery.

o   Resolve/report issues and manage dependencies and risks across teams.

o   Drive continuous improvement through the facilitation of retrospectives quarterly, or more often as needed, to improve backlog management, Product team reviews, sprint reviews, or Portfolio coordination and higher-level function.

o   Actively participate in helping the organization to maintain alignment, learn new techniques, and improve technical and quality practices.  Work with Agile PM community to determine ways to help the company improve cross Portfolio coordination and collaboration.

o   Facilitate contextual adoption of the Scrum Framework, including daily scrum, sprint planning, backlog refinement, sprint reviews & retrospectives, and other related team and intra-team meetings.

o   Facilitate contextual adoption of Lean Thinking, including visualization and continuous optimization of delivery flow using the Kanban Method.

o   Foster team collaboration and proactive, open communication.

o   Encourage an experimental and fail-fast & learn mindset.

o   Sustain and promote usage of information radiators for the teams and broader organization.

o   Guide Feature and Story-level refinement to the Definition of "Ready" in preparation for the next upcoming sprints

o   Work with the team and Product representative to maintain a healthy backlog and rolling short and mid-term planning for upcoming releases

o   Forms and guides teams to high performance by helping the team navigate interpersonal conflicts, challenges, and opportunities for growth. Create and sustain an environment of psychological safety and trust among team members, and between the team and the larger organization

o   Encourages brainstorming, creative thinking, open minds, equal voice and perspective sharing. Encourages the team to be confident and courageous, thinking outside the box.

o   Coaches the team on Lean, Agile, and Scrum principles with a goal of continuous improvement. Able to subtly observe team dynamics, recognize strengths and growth opportunities of individual team members and her/himself, and invite team members into coaching conversations to inspire learning and growth.

o   Create a fun, open, and learning environment, experimenting with various methods to improve and grow

o   Promote teamwork to enable Lean flow of value and achieving sprint goals

o   Lead the teams towards increasing levels of growth in the Lean/Agile context.

o   Participate in scaling Lean/Agile adoption throughout adjacent areas of the organization.

  • Requirements:

Skills and Qualifications

Candidates are ideally based in the metro Atlanta, GA area

5+ years’ experience applying both the Scrum Framework and Kanban Method in growing high performing teams as a fulltime practitioner

Experience as a Scrum Master, Release Train Engineer and/or Kanban Coach at an organization that is committed to Lean-Agile as its core approach for delivering business value

Experience influencing positive and impactful change in organizations working towards Lean/Agile adoption, learning, and growth

Experience and core values are our top selection criteria; however, certifications help represent one's desire to build knowledge. Some certifications to be considered include Lean Kanban University’s TKP,'s PSM, Scrum Alliance's CSM

Experience guiding Lean/Agile team journeys in the context of IT infrastructure/operations work (network, infrastructure services & automation, data center optimization)

Ideally have experience with applying test automation, continuous integration, and continuous delivery capabilities to achieve delivery speed and operational stability

Experience using Lean/Agile collaboration tools

Willing and able to receive constructive feedback and advice with a growth mindset

Excellent written, verbal, and interpersonal communication skills, particularly in a virtual video environment over Microsoft Teams

Manages time extremely well, can quickly sense when an issue needs to be discussed or triaged

Ability to dive into the details when applicable, ask probing questions with curiosity, and sense when and how to take action to enable the team's growth

Experience with Data Analytics, Databases, transforming data into information, automated processes

Top 4 Must Haves:

Coachable, open to constructive feedback, growth mindset

Curious, respectful, and able to be collaborative in a diverse & inclusive Cox culture

Deeply experienced in practical implementation of both the Scrum Framework, and Lean Thinking approaches like the Kanban Method

Experience applying Lean/Agile principles on large-enterprise IT endeavors


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